Although meeting ACENDIO friends in person is always better than virtually, the conference organizing committee was convinced that ACENDIO can host an Exciting Live Streaming ACENDIO Conference online.

The Online 13th ACENDIO Conference included high-quality keynotes, oral presentations, panels and posters of stirring research projects. As ACENDIO is a network organization, also arranged virtual meeting rooms, so that participants could easily invite any person he/she liked to meet between presentations, or let themselves be randomly connected  to another ACENDIO friend to exchange ideas.

Acendio conference
19-20 March 2021
40+ Speakers
Keynote Speakers
Professor Gail Keenan


Gail Keenan is a distinguished international nursing informatics researcher and innovator.  She is currently Professor, Department Chair, and Endowed Chair in Nursing Excellence in the Family, Community, and Health System Science Department at the University of Florida, College of Nursing. For more than two decades she has led multidisciplinary teams building the science supporting the generation and utilization of high-quality nursing data to improve the impact of nursing care on patient outcomes.  The research of her teams, comprised of faculty, fellows, and students, has received continuous funding from a variety of national peer reviewed sources including National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ), and numerous private foundations.  The research addresses key factors that influence the delivery of valid evidence and its use by nurses at the point of care (e.g., quality of data collected; interface design, usability, data base structure, storage, integration of SNLs, user characteristics, and clinical decision support (CDS) format; methods of generating evidence, data extraction, mapping, statistical analysis, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI); enablers-policies, resources, and dissemination strategies.

Professor Peter König

DR. rer. cur.M.Sc., RN

Peter König began his professional career as a nurse in oncology, geriatrics and neurosurgery. In addition to his many years of experience as head of nursing services, he was early involved in the implementation of nursing theory approaches in nursing practice. His main focus was on supporting the development of standardized language in nursing.  He is involved in various committees for the development of systems like ICNP, NANDA and ICF. Since 2012 he has been working as a professor for nursing and rehabilitation management at Furtwangen University. His research focus is on the development and implementation of assistive technologies in the field of care and for people with disabilities. His work currently focuses on long distance care in home care, the support of people with dementia and the development of teaching and learning methods using augment reality and virtual reality applications.

Professor Maria Müller Staub


Maria Müller-Staub is an internationally known expert on Standardized Nursing Languages (SNLs). She is founder of Pflege PBS (Nurse Consulting, Teaching, & Research) in Wil (CH), and Professor at the Lectoraat in Nursing Diagnostics at Hanze University, Groningen (NL). Her main focus is on nursing diagnostics, clinical decision-making, care quality, nursing documentation, Clinical Information Systems and eHealth. She has led over 60 research projects addressing SNL validity and implementation and is consulting healthcare institutions and educationalists in implementing nursing diagnoses, interventions and outcome classifications. Prof. Müller-Staub teaches in post-graduate programs and supervises doctoral students. Over 300 publications and 198 conference presentations reflect her motivation to support the use of SNLs to enhance patient outcomes.

Conference topics:

BIG Data and EHR's

A keynote by Prof. Dr. Gail Keenan will provide you with insights on gathering big data in the EHR. Besides that we organize parallel sessions with oral presentations from ACENDIO members on the (re) use of data, BIG data warehousing and research.
A round table discussion with ACENDIO members focusses on big data and the value of a Minimum Nursing Data Set.

Identification and Validation of Nursing Diagnoses

ACENDIO members research and develop new nursing diagnoses, we are proud to have several of them presenting their work on the validation or identification of new nursing diagnoses. Prepare to gain more insights in nursing diagnoses for patients with heart failure or COPD. And learn more about for instance malnutrition, thrombosis and fatigue.

Classification Systems and Education

Besides a keynote by Prof. Dr. Peter König on prospects and challenges integrating SNLs in practice and education we give stage to ACENDIO members. A variation of oral presentations will inspire you: nursing diagnoses related to the COVID-19 virus, refining taxonomies, didactic methods, eHealth competences and blended or web based learning nursing process teaching.

ACENDIO Workinggroups

In 2019 ACENDIO started two workgroups based on ACENDIO's constitution and Position Statements. Though progress was hindered by COVID-19 the working groups present their work and involve ACENDIO members in the sequel. Join us in panel discussions on the development of practical implementation guides on implementing SNL’s in education or practice.

Documenting Nursing Diagnoses and Outcomes

The keynote of Prof. Dr. Maria Müller Staub will inspire you how SNL’s in practice support nurses to improve patient outcomes.
Furthermore we have several oral presentations from ACENDIO members on accuracy and prevalence of nursing diagnoses, nursing sensitive patient outcomes and documenting nursing care in clinical practice.

General Assembly and Election of Board Positions

We welcome all members to the general assembly. We will present the board reports and an adapted constitution due to legal demands in The Netherlands where ACENDIO is located since 2019. For the board we have vacant positions for two Board members, Treasurer and Vice-President. The current President can be re-elected. If you are interested in a position, please contact us.

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