Participants were invited to discuss the two themes

Supporting and advancing practice

The aim of ACENDIO’s eHealth Workgroup 1 is supporting evidence-based implementation of SNLs into practice and EHRs, and to provide implementation principles.

Facilitating participation and education


In the programme menu, you find the presentations of the ACENDIO president Maria Müller-Staub and the keynote Mathias Odenbreit


Acendio workshop
21 April 2022
University of Applied Science
St.Pölten, Austria


Registration of participants

Presentation of the Workshop: Maria Müller Staub & Claudia Leoni-Scheiber

Welcome address: Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister, Minister of Region

Welcome address: Manuel Scwanda, Deputy Academic Director Healthcare and Nursing

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Workshop 1 : How to implement SNLs into practice & EHRs? 

 Workgroup 2 : Teaching SNLs: Why, what content, and how?

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Workgroup 2 : Teaching SNLs: Why, what content, and how?

Workshop 1 : How to implement SNLs into practice & EHRs? 


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Mikko Härkönen, Helen de Graaf-Waar, chairs

Maria Müller Staub

Reporting achievements and projects

We are at the final greetings!

Some chat over an aperitif!

Everyone welcome

The use of Standardized Nursing Languages (SNLs) is essential for the presentation of care needs and the argumentation of nursing services – today more than ever. You can look forward to the keynote speech by nurse informaticist Matthias Odenbreit and contribute your ideas, experiences, and know-how to the two workshops. 


We wish you a warm welcome to University of Applied Science in St.Pölten, Austria and look forward to seeing you!