Board’s Message July 2023

Dear ACENDIO members and colleagues,

We had a great spring with our 14th ACENDIO Conference in “the eternal city” of Rome/Italy in Southern Europe. We thank you for coming, for the countless contributions and fruitful discussions on nurse-generated data, predictive analytics, and eHealth strategies. We also appreciate all the positive feedback we received in the survey, thank you for answering to it. The overall rating of the conference was 4.4 (1-5) as was the mean rating of the keynotes. Also the round table and panel discussion were rated very good (both 4.3) which strengthens our thoughts to bring more of these in the conference. The poster session was rated a little lower at 3.6, this brings to mind that we will seek another solution for the poster presentations in the next conference. The wonderful exchange at the gala dinner high above the ruins of the Forum Transitorium was also particularly stimulating. Incidentally, it was the third of the four imperial fora in Rome and was completed in 97 AD.

ACENDIO is not quite that old 😊 but it is hard to believe that in 2025 we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our association. Founded in 1995, Randi Mortensen from Denmark was the first president. Followed by June Clarke, Margareta Ehnfors, Kaija Saranto, William Goossen, Walter Sermeus, Fintan Sheerin and Maria Müller Staub, who have continued the work in an impressive way. Our 15th conference in the spring (March/April) at the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands will thus be an anniversary conference. We, the newly formed ACENDIO Board, are very excited to look forward to this 2025 celebration with you. Would you like to be involved in the organization of the 15th conference, please let us know.

We continue to diligently pursue the goal, stated in Article II of our Constitution, as a common European network to support the development of nursing practice through the application of standardized nursing languages (SNLs) and nursing information systems in the broadest sense. The next opportunity to demonstrate this commitment will be the ACENDIO workshop in Oslo, Norway. This will take place on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at the private school of nursing. We remain true to the motto from the first workshop in St. Pölten/Austria in 2022: Hot eHealth topics to make nursing visible.

Before we leave for Europe’s north, we wish you all many beautiful, relaxing summer days. Especially to those colleagues who, due to political adversities, staff shortages, and the consequences of the pandemic, are working almost unbelievably hard every day.

We thank you!


ACENDIO Board members

Claudia Leoni-Scheiber, Valentina Zeffiro, Helen de Graaf-Waar, Bente Christensen, Mikko Härkönen, Maja Klančnik Gruden, and Karen Dunn Lopez

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