Committees and working groups



Responsibles Committees What they do?
Karen Dunn Lopez (Chair)


GianFranco Sanson

Valentina Zeffiro

Camila Takao Lopez

Research Committee


·   Activate networks for nurses in different European countries to share knowledge and do research together

·   Set a broad research agenda and foster studies in the topics addressed in ACENDIO’s eHealth strategy

·   Support ACENDIO’s visibility by fostering research and publications

·   Outline criteria for ACENDIO members to apply for financial and other resources to support research activities

·   Publish the criteria for ACENDIO research grants and foster applications

·   Review and approve research grant applications

·   Put information of research projects, milestones and final reports on ACENDIO’s platforms

· Prepare a written report for each board meeting, and publish new grants
  • Bente Christensen
  • Helen de Graaf-Waar
  • Mikko Härkönen
  • Valentina Zeffiro
Public Relations Committee

Aim: Make ACENDIOs work more visible, according to proposal from March 2019

·   Release news on board meetings, conferences, research and working groups on the website, newsletters, social media.

·   Create agenda



Scientific Conference Committee
15th Conference, 2025Aim: Successful, high quality scientific conference content planned according to Conference planning document
·   Check and complete conference planning document

·   Safe the date published and
call for abstracts

·   Scientific Conference Committee Members

·   Keynote criteria



Local Conference Organization Committee

15th Conference, 2025

Aim: Successful conference organized according to
Conference planning document

·   Conference organization


Responsibles Workgroups Product
  • Mikko Härkönen  (Chair)
  • Bente Christensen
  • Fabio D’Agostino
  • Kim de Groot
  • Fabiana Dos Santos
  • Renate Nantschev
eHealth Workgroup 1)
Supporting and advancing practice and eHealthAim: Supporting evidence-based implementation of SNLs into practice and EHRs, and bases on the ACENDIO constitution and on Position Statements 1 and 2
The product of this working group is to create ‘Practical Implementation Principles’ on what, how and why to implement SNL’s into practice
  • Helen de Graaf-Waar (Chair)
  • Claudia Leoni-Scheiber
  • Valentina Zeffiro
eHealth Workgroup 2)

Facilitating participation and education including patient education.

Aim: Education content of this workgroup is based on the ACENDIO constitution and on Position Statements 4 and 5

The product of this working group is to create ‘Practical Implementation Principles’ on teaching SNLs and eHealth in education (what, how and why). The group shall focus mainly on own experiences and existing curricula in three countries (Spain, Austria, Netherlands)

Workgroups will be presenting their product during the next ACENDIO Conference 2023