Draft Agenda for the General Assembly

To be held on Friday 19th March 2021
  1. President’s welcome and introduction to this special GA (Corona induced changes)
  1. appoint two individuals from the attending membership to undertake the counting of votes;
  1. To approve the agenda.
  1. To approve the minutes of the meeting of the General Assembly held on March 21st March 2020, by Skype.
  1. To receive the report of the Board of Directors for the biennium 2020-2021
  1. To receive the report from the Secretary.
  1. To receive the following reports:
    1. Conference Committee St. Pölten ( C L-S)
    2. eHealth Workshop Chairs (WP + SBT)
    3. Conference Committees 13th Conference, Groningen (WP + MF)
    4. Public Relations Committee (MF + HdGW)
    5. Research Committee (WP)
  1. To receive and confirm two members of ACENIO, Ulla-Mari Kinnunen and Nico Oud, as auditors; and to present their written report (by President).
  1. To receive and confirm the accounts and the report of the Treasurer for the biennium 2019-2021.
  1. receive and approve the proposals of the Board of Directors for activities during the forthcoming year according to its strategic plan
    (Groningen, Working groups ongoing, website and membership database)
  1. To consider the following motion proposed by the Board of Directors.

That the subscription rate for all memberships for the biennium 2019-2021 shall remain unchanged:

Member Type Proposed Fee in Euro for 2019 -2021
Individual 55.00
Individual (Half Biennium) 27.00
Student 27.00
Institutional 550.00

Proposed by: Treasurer. Seconded by:

  1. To receive and confirm the budget for 2021-2023.
  1. Elections: Information follow
  1. Any other business.
  1. Approval of next place of 14th ACENDIO conference (information follows)
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