eHealth Standards and Big Nursing Data In Switzerland

Maria Müller Staub, PhD, EdN, RN, FNI, FEANS

Matthias Odenbreit, MNS, EdN, RN

Per April 15, 2017, the Swiss national law on the electronic patient records (SR 816.11) and it’s related performance articles were put into force. Accordingly, the exchange formats related to immunization dossiers, eMedication and eLabor (labory findings) have to be added to it: Technical and semantic standards describe structured information formats for data exchange and automated operability in IT systems aiming to enhance patient safety and better data exchanges.

The aim of this law is to strengthen the quality of medical treatment, to improve treatment processes, increase patient safety, increase the efficiency of the health care system, and promote patients’ health competencies.

While medical information is addressed in the forefront, structured nursing data are not at stake in this moment. To assure safe and adequate nursing data (input, storage, exchange over nursing care settings), the Swiss Association for Nursing Science (ANS) and its Academic Societies, namely the Society for Acute Care, is fostering standards on the use of Standardized Nursing Language to produce meaningful and safe „Big Nursing Data“.

The standard by Müller-Staub et al. (2016) is internationally consented by ACENDIO members and substantiates these efforts (link to pdf). A conference under the title „Advanced Nursing Process in Practice“ held in Stadtspital Waid on October 24, 2017, addresses these topics (link to flyer). Internationally known experts will present study results on teaching the Advanced Nursing Process based on SNL in practice, on nursing diagnoses as predictors for Length of Stay and on Big Nursing Data.


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