ACENDIO General Assembly 2023

The general Assembly 2023 is to be held in conjunction with the ACENDO Conference in Rome, March 17th. Please read the documents:

  1.  Agenda
  2. Minutes of General Assembly 2022
  3. Organogram of ACENDIO
  4. Strategic Plan
  5. Proposal revised Contitution


Here are the reports of the Board:

  1.  President´s overall report
  2. Secreatary´s report
  3. Vice President´s report
  4. eHealth working group 1 implementation
  5. EHealth Working group 2 Education
  6. Research Committee report

Be  prepared to elect:  see nominees´statements:

  1.  Leoni-Scheiber Claudia (Vice-President)
  2. Zeffiro Valentina (Secretary)
  3. Dunn Lopez Karen (Board Member)
  4. Gruden Maja (Board Member)
  5. Vanalli Mariangela (Board Member)




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