Meet the board


There were no nominations for President at the General Assembly 2023.  The presidency will therefore be executed by the vice-president until next Genaral Assemby in 2024

Claudia Leoni-Scheiber


Claudia Leoni-Scheiber is a registered nurse and intensive care specialist with 10 years of clinical experience. Claudia holds master’s degrees as nursing lecturer and in nursing science. During her PhD program she performed an experimental study to evaluate Guided Clinical Reasoning, an educational intervention to support nurses in using Standardized Nursing Languages (SNLs). She is a freelancing educator and consults healthcare institutions to use the Advanced Nursing Process, which bases on nursing classifications. She published books and articles on this topic, and on nurse-to-patient ratio and patient safety. Claudia is teaching Critical Thinking and implementing SNLs into practice and education in University and tertiary level courses to enhance care quality and documentation. Her research focuses on the accuracy of nursing diagnoses, intervention effectiveness and measuring nursing-sensitive patient outcomes in Electronic Health Records.


Valenatina Zeffiro


Valentina Zeffiro is an Assistant Professor (2023) in University of Rome Tor Vergata. Her research lines includes Standardized Nursing Languages (SNLs), community nursing led units, and chronicity. She has a master’s degree in Nursing Science and Obstetrics (2015), and a Specialistic Nursing Degree in Community and Emergency Care (2014). She works as lecturer at the Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, and Tor Vergata University. Valentina is an active member of the Italian Society of Nursing Science (SISI) and secretary of Cultural Association “Alumni PhD Nursing and Public Health”.  She was licensed as Relational Counselor (2019) and Life Coach (2019), her expertise includes communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming (2018).

Helen de Graaf-Waar


Helen de Graaf-Waar, MSc, has a teaching position in a bachelor nursing program in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Formerly, she was an oncology nurse and a clinical nurse specialist for palliative care and homecare technology in the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center in Rotterdam. In palliative care, Standardized Nursing Languages (SNL) did hardly exist. Therefore, Helen developed clinical reasoning skills and experienced the value of nursing diagnoses. She is proud to be a nurse with many years of experience at the bedside before starting her work in education and research. In cooperation with the informatics department she developed an electronic nursing care plan including SNLs. Besides that, she is a board member in the Dutch Association VDIR, which is has a similar mission as ACENDIO. Helen supports health care organizations by education and implementation of SNLs into electronic health records.

Karen Dunn Lopez

Board Member

Dr. Karen Dunn Lopez is an Associate Professor at the College of Nursing and the Director of Research for the Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness at the College of Nursing at The University of Iowa, U.S. In her program of research, she focuses on identifying factors that can improve the usability and usefulness of clinical documentation and health information technologies with the overarching goals of improving decision making and health outcomes. Within Dr. Dunn Lopez’s program of research, many of the technologies are grounded in the use of nursing standardized terminologies to make nursing care more visible. She uses a wide range of methods including human factors engineering, human centered design approaches, systematic review methods and secondary analysis of electronic health records. Her current work focuses on tailoring technologies to individual characteristics to facilitate rapid cognition of complex health data. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of health in the US with recent grant focusing a clinical decision support for nurses. She has authored and co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and has been cited more than 1700 times. She is past chair of the American Medical Informatics Association, Nursing Informatics Working Group, and a Governing Director of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics.

Bente Christensen

Board Member

Bente Christensen is working as Senior Adviser on eHealth at the Norwegian Nurses Organization, and as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at the Nord University in Norway. She is a Registered Nurse, a Candidate in Nursing Science and holds a PhD in Information Systems Research. Her main working field is in nursing terminologies and in structuring Nursing Documentation in Electronic Patient Records.  Bente has been working as a clinical nurse mainly in the Orthopedic surgery ward at the University Hospital of North Norway, where she later had positions as Head Nurse and as Head of DEPARTMENT. She has also been working as Project Manager and Directors Adviser at the Norwegian Centre for e-Health Research and chaired the Special Interest Group in e-Health for nurses in the Norwegian Nurses Organization for 4 years.

Mikko Härkönen

Board member

Mikko Härkönen, RN,  M.Soc.Sc, is a development manager at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. He has 15 years of experience as a nurse, and eight years in code systems, terminologies and classifications. Mikko holds a master’s degree in Health and Human Services Informatics from the University of Eastern Finland. His daily work focuses on social and healthcare interoperability, information architecture, and social and healthcare organizations. Mikko is a member of the Finnish Nursing Association, the Finnish Care Classification (FinCC) expert group, and the HIMSS Europe Nursing Informatics group. He is a chair in the SNOMED CT National Release Center of Finland, in the Member Forum of SNOMED International, and in several other Semantics, Informatics or ISO Networks. He is Member of the Finnish Social and Health Informatics Association, of the WONCA/WICC Classification Committee, and the ICPC-3 Consortium Task Force.

Maja Klancnik Gruden

Board Member

Maja Klančnik Gruden is an Assistant Chief Nursing Officer for Quality and Development at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana and also Teaching Assistant in Nursing care at the University of Maribor – Faculty of Health Sciences. She is PhD candidate in nursing. Her field of research is nursing documentation,  especially the development and implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in connection with the theory of person-centred nursing. She is active member of Slovenian Nursing and Midwifes Association and Vice President of the Working Group for Nursing Diagnoses in Slovenia named SLONDA (2009). She is also member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honour Society of Nursing (2022).