Meet the board

Maria Müller-Staub

Maria Müller-Staub is the President of ACENDIO. She is former Professor at ZHAW University, Winterthur and Head of Nursing Development and Research at the Cityhospital Waid in Zürich, Switzerland. She has lead over 40 research projects and is founder of Pflege PBS (Nurse Consulting, Teaching, & Research), Wil. Her main focus is on nursing diagnostics, clinical decision-making and critical thinking, Standardised Nursing Languages (SNL), e-Health, nursing documentation, care quality and Clinical Information Systems. She consults healthcare institutions and education program developers for implementing SNL based on classifications of nursing diagnoses, interventions and outcomes. Prof. Müller-Staub teaches in post-graduate nursing programs and supervises doctoral students. She is an expert on SNL and big data research, and was Dean of a nursing school for advanced degree programs. From 2011-2017 she was President of the Swiss Association for Nursing Research, representing ten Academic Societies: Acute Care, Cardiovascular Nursing, Patient Education, Ethics, Gerontology Nursing; Home Health Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric and Rehabilitation Nursing. Maria Müller-Staub published over 245 scientific articles/chapters and held over 160 conference presentations.

Wolter Paans

Wolter Paans is the Vice-President of ACENDIO and Professor of Nursing Diagnostics at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, School of Nursing, in Groningen, the Netherlands. Wolter has a background in Nursing and has Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Nursing, Nursing Science and Biomedical Science from the universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the university of Wales, Cardiff, and the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He has 20 years experience of nursing education, theoretical and applied research in diagnostics, critical reasoning skills in nursing, nursing documentation and inter-disciplinary hand-over, as well as the development of the electronic health record towards a diagnosis decision support system. Wolter is scholar of EANS, member of STT-I, NANDA-I, EARLI and board member of the Dutch nursing organisation in nursing Diagnosis, Interventions and Outcomes, VDIR.

Fabio D’Agostino

Fabio D’Agostino is the secretary of ACENDIO. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in Nursing at the Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences (UniCamillus), Rome, Italy. He has a background in Nursing and he has Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Nursing and Nursing Science and Midwifery from the universities of Sapienza and Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy. He has 10 years experience in nursing research with a particular focus on the nursing minimum data set, electronic nursing documentation, standard nursing terminologies and self-care in heart failure. Fabio is a member of the NANDA-I Diagnosis Development Committee (DDC) and a member of the Clinical Data Analytics workgroup of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, USA. From 2016-2019 he was the secretary of the Italian Society of Nursing Science.

Nick Hardiker

Nick Hardiker is the Treasurer of ACENDIO and Professor and Associate Dean (Research & Enterprise) at the University of Huddersfield School of Human & Health Sciences in the UK. Nick has a background in Nursing and has Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Computer Science from the University of Manchester. He has 25 years’ experience of theoretical and applied research in Health Informatics, with a particular focus on Health Records and Terminologies. Nick holds an adjunct position of Professor at the University of Colorado, Denver, USA. He is a consultant on eHealth to the International Council of Nurses, Editor-in-Chief of Informatics for Health and Social Care, and a member of a number of national and international standards bodies and think tanks.

Helen de Graaf-Waar

Board Member
Helen de Graaf-Waar, MSc, educator, has worked in palliative care as an oncology nurse and later as a clinical nurse specialist for palliative care and homecare technology in the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). In palliative care, due to the complexity of multiple problems patients experience, standardized nursing care hardly exists. That is where I learned to explore patient needs very well and really developed my clinical reasoning skills and have experienced the value of using nursing diagnoses. I am proud to be a practical nurse with many years of experience in patientcare at the bedside before I started to explore other areas as research and education. Throughout my whole bedside career the quality of nursing documentation and the use of standardized languages has always gotten my attention and in cooperation with the informatics department I was able to develop an electronic nursing care plan with SNL. Since 2016 I have a teaching position at one of the bachelor nursing educations in the Netherlands (Rotterdam). Besides that I am a board member for the Dutch Association VDIR which is has similar mission statements as ACENDIO. Furthermore I work as consultant and advice and support health care organizations in education and implementation of standardized nursing languages and the development of electronic health records with SNL. To the ACENDIO board I add my practical experience in bedside care and education.

Mariann Fossum

Board Member
Mariann Fossum is Professor at University of Agder, Norway. She is a registered nurse and holds a PhD in medical science with a specialization in health and caring science from Örebro University, Sweden, 2012, and have a postgraduate education in geriatric nursing and a master’s degree in nursing science from University of Oslo. She has more than 20 years’ experience of teaching nursing and health informatics, with focus on documentation in nursing, terminologies, computerized decision support systems and quality of care. In 2009, she had a research stay at Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA, and from 2014-2016, she worked at Deakin University, School of Nursing and Midwifery as a Research Fellow. Professor Fossum is the Director of the Norwegian ICNP Research & Development Centre, accredited in 2017.

Claudia Leoni-Scheiber

Board Member
Claudia Leoni-Scheiber is a registered nurse and intensive care specialist with 10 years practical experience. Claudia holds two master’s degrees: as nursing lecturer and in nursing science. Among her PhD-studies is an experimental intervention design with data and method triangulation to evaluate Guided Clinical Reasoning, an educational intervention for registered nurses. She is an experienced nurse educator and freelancer and consulted many healthcare institutions to use and evaluate nursing classifications and the Advanced Nursing Process – which is based on nursing classifications – and has published books and articles on this topic as well as on nurse-to-patient ratio and patient safety. Claudia is teaching and implementing Standardized Nursing Languages into practice and education to enhance nursing care and documentation. Her research focuses on the accuracy of nursing diagnoses, intervention effectiveness and measuring nursing-sensitive patient outcomes in Electronic Health Records. Claudia is lecturing these topics and Critical Thinking/Clinical Decision Making in University courses and in tertiary educational institutions for master prepared nurses.

Sergio Barrientos-Trigo

Board Member
Sergio Barrientos-Trigo is an Assistant Professor in Nursing at the University of Seville, Spain. He is a Registered Nurse and he has experience in Emergency Departments. He has two Master’s degrees in nursing research and gender studies, and a Doctoral degree in Nursing. His research is about development of Nursing_INICIARE_Patient system for optimizing patient to nurse ratio. Sergio is member of Board Directors of AENTDE (Spain).