New activities started: Board meeting May 10-11 2019, Groningen

The new ACENDIO board for the biennium 2019-2021 held it’s first meeting in Groningen, The Netherlands. Because we have three new board members and two board members got new positions, time was invested in exchanging personal and professional strengths, research experiences and specialty areas with respect to ACENDIO’s mission and to share visions. For the biennium 2019-2021 the boards’ vision is that ACENDIO should maintain and grow as a European network to share knowledge, research and practice on Standardized Nursing Languages (SNLs) and eHealth.

Several plans were made to fulfil this mission: for instance, two working groups were established to bring ACENDIO’s eHealth position papers further.

Workgroup 1) Supporting + advancing practice and eHealth. The aim of this working group is supporting evidence-based implementation of SNLs into practice and EHRs and bases on the ACENDIO constitution and on position papers 1 and 2. This working group will create a ‘Practical Implementation Guide’ on what, how and why to implement SNL’s into practice.

Workgroup 2) Facilitating participation and education including patient education. Work of this group will be based on the constitution and on position papers 4+5. The aim of this working group is to create a ‘Practical Implementation Guide’ on teaching SNLs and eHealth in education (what, how and why). This working group shall first focus mainly on own experiences and existing curricula in three countries (Spain, Austria and the Netherlands).

Furthermore, due to the change in ACENDIO’s legal status as an association now established in the Netherlands, a General Assembly (GA) must be held annually instead of biannually. These GAs are planned together with ACENDIO WORKSHOPS. Note your calendar to join our first midterm
GA and WORKSHOP taking place in St. Pölten (Austria) on March 20, 2020.
We will invite members to engage and participate in the afore mentioned working groups as the members represent ACENDIO – and not the board alone!

The board also established a new Public Relations Committee to exchange information concerning ACENDIOS mission within European countries. If you as a member are interested in acting as a liaison officer for your country, please contact us (add link with an email:

Last but not least, planning and preparing of the 13th ACENDIO conference has started. A tour of the conference site as well as in Groningen’s (NL) beautiful venues gave us confidence that we can work towards an inspiring next ACENDIO conference in Groningen (NL) on March 18-20, 2021. Chairs and members for the scientific and local organizing committees were appointed and they will start the preparing work soon.

Helen de Graaf-Waar, ACENDIO board member and chair, Public Relations Committee


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