President’s Message- April 15, 2021

Prof. Dr. Maria Müller Staub (PhD, EdN, MNS, RN, FEANS)

Dear ACENDIO members

With pleasure and pride we look back to the 13th ACENDIO Conference, which was held on March 19+20, 2021, along with the General Assembly. Having been re-elected as President with the best result is an honor, and your trust is supporting, thank you!

Today, I’m announcing the newest news which refer to ACENDIOs ongoing work:
On April 8, 2021, the first biennial, respectively the introductory board meeting took place to welcome Bente Christensen (Norway) and Mikko Härkönen (Finland) as new Board Members, and Claudia Leoni-Scheiber (Austria) was appointed as Vice-President. After this meeting Valentina Zeffiro (Italy) accepted being appointed to the remaining open board position. Congratulations and sincere thanks to all!

Take a look at the new board at:    Further, Gianfranco Sanson (Italy) accepted the invitation as Co-Chair of the next Scientific Conference Committee.  We are proud having such great expertise in the board, which represents a broad range of knowledge to serve ACENDIOs aims and mission.  For further information, you find the board minutes here:

Organizing the first online conference was demanding for us, but a real success. My sincere thanks go to the keynote speakers Gail Keenan and Peter König, to presenters (oral and poster) and to all honorary guests.  Special thanks also to the Secretary Fabio D’Agostino and the Conference Committee Helen de Graaf-Waar, Mariann Fossum and Wolter Paans. We published the conference summary and evaluation at:

ACENDIO offers using the conference app, which is open during the next two months; please take the advantage of networking with other members by using the chat function.

If you agree on publishing your powerpoint presentation on the app, send an email with the header “ACENDIO presentation”, and name the file with your last name and presentation (e.g. Mayer_presentation.pdf), and send it to:

Based on requests a video of my keynote “Improving patient outcomes through SNLs” is available at:

Last but not least, safe these dates:

2022, April 21: eHealth Workshop, St. Pölten, Austria

2023, March 16-18: 14th ACENDIO Conference (place to be announced)

In the next months we will inform you on possibilities to join the eHealth Working groups addressing the implementation of SNLs into practice, EHRs and education.

I look forward to your contributions and another successful biennium.

With best wishes

Maria Müller Staub
ACENDIO President

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