President’s Message July 2022

Prof. Dr. Maria Müller Staub (PhD, EdN, MNS, RN, FEANS)



Dear ACENDIO members and colleagues

I’m reaching out to you while camping in the Spanish and French Pyrenees. Here, we enjoy our pension by hiking and (motor)-biking in real nice temperatures – compared to the heat wave in other European areas. Being able to stay over 1010 meters above sea-level is a real gift this summer.

Therefore, I’m often in remote mountain valleys without internet access. For this reason, this message will reach you as soon as we are in rural places again.

Here, people “carved” big peace doves on the mountains by mowing their shape into the grass. Let’s do our best to support freedom and peace in this world!

If you prefer sending your contribution during summer vacation, do it now and submit your abstract for the 14th ACENDIO Conference to be held March 16-18, 2023.

Take a glimpse on the wonderful city of Rome, don’t miss meeting great keynote speakers and learn about them on the video. Also make your travel plans now to assure reasonable prices to join us in Italy!

I also invite you to access the well-recognized keynote of Matthias Odenbreit on Supporting and advancing practice: Evidence-based implementation of SNLs as well as the presentation of myself on eHealth topics making nursing visible and see the photos in the Image Gallery. The last event was a true success, and we got lots of new, active members.


Wishing you a nice summer

Maria Müller Staub
ACENDIO President


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