President’s Message May 2022

Prof. Dr. Maria Müller Staub (PhD, EdN, MNS, RN, FEANS)

Dear ACENDIO members

Summer has come and we look back to an inspiring eHealth Workshop held in Spring in St. Pölten, Austria. On behalf of ACENDIO, I thank the University of Applied Sciences for the warm hospitality and great support in organizing this event. It was a joy to welcome over 50 persons from 15 countries, and the participants joined into vivid discussions by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Here you can access photos and the keynote of Matthias Odenbreit Supporting and advancing practice: Evidence-based implementation of SNLs as well as the introduction and presentation of Maria Müller Staub eHealth topics making nursing visible and take a look to the photos in the Image Gallery.

Happiness and sadness often come together  – we are sad to announce the death of one of the founders of NANDA-I,  Dr. Kristine Moore Gebbie, DrPH, MN, BSN, RN, FNI, FAAN. In 1973, Kristine Gebbie and Mary Ann Lavin called the First National Conference on the Classification of Nursing Diagnoses which was held in St. Louis, MO. Kristine has published widely, served in different positions such as in the White House where she was the first National AIDS Policy Coordinator under President Clinton. Honor her by reading the goodbye and thank you notes.


Last but not least, it is time to submit your abstract for the 14th ACENDIO Conference, March 16-18, 2023 and we look forward to see you in Rome. Take a glimpse of this wonderful city and see the video.

Kind regards

Maria Müller Staub
ACENDIO President

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