The Project Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services ”DeDiWe”

The Project Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services ”DeDiWe”

In the project DeDiWe, 2015 -2018 the main objective is to create a new modul curriculum, “The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services”. The new curriculum gives future professionals skills in developing improved eHealth services in a multi-professional group. The curriculum is based on the Learning by Developing model, where students, professionals and teachers learn together in working life. This secures that the contents of the studies correspond to the needs of the labor market. In the DeDiWe project there are four partner Schools, from Finland, Estonia and Finland. The multi-professional group consist of nurses, physiotherapist, bio analytics, midwifes, bachelors of Business Administration (BBA), BBA – IT, IT engineer, doctoral assistants, social and welfare and environmental health care professions.

The eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020 – Innovative healthcare for the 21st century published the European Commissions´  aim to improve healthcare with a patient-centered approach and reduce costs by developing the use of digital tools and services for health-related matters. This means that professionals need new ways and tools to work as a new view on the patient. There needs to be changes both in working-life and in education.

The new curriculum, “The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services (DeDiWe)” is created for VETs and UASs on EQF level 5 and 6 in a Central Baltic funded project. The content of the new curriculum is based on the latest knowledge of the needs of a digital society. In the studies, future professionals (IT, social, economic and health care) are developing their competence to match the demands of digital healthcare.

The learning strategies build on blended learning, which means combining face-to-face instruction with technology-mediated instruction (Graham 2006). The learning environment is built on the web based platform Itslearning  where the instructional material, readings and assignments are placed.  The learning is supported by face-to-face instructions, webinars and AC-lectures .

The students build up their general competences and working together they achieve competences that enable them to manage a variety of change management- , project management-, and guidance skills as lifelong learning in working life. The education support general competences in research-oriented development and innovation based on Evidence Based Practice (EBP) from the perspective to produce digital and welfare service.

The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Service studies (30 credits) are combined from three study units (15cr) and with possibility to add the thesis work.

Study Unit 1; “The citizens as customers of digital health and welfare services deals with the citizens as active and participating customers of digital health and welfare services and gives competence in guiding and communicating using digital service alternatives.

Study Unit 2; “The digital environment in health and welfare services and its´ ethics and regulationsdeals with health informatics and the general process of digitalization in health and welfare and the laws and regulations surrounding it.

Study Unit 3; “Digital service development and information management in health and welfare services deals with the development of digital services and the creation of competence in service design process.

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