Research Grant

The aim of ACENDIO Grants is to bring researchers together and to support the nursing community. Research groups contribute to the development of ACENDIO’s aims and mission and help to make it visible.

As a membership organization, ACENDIO can offer small amounts of financial support to start research projects, and one grant is offered each year. The maximum ACENDIO Grant for a research group is €1500.00. This allows researchers to personally meet and work together. Research working time is not covered by ACENDIO Grants. When submitting grant applications, research groups must outline how they propose to use the funds provided. Only one ACENDIO Grant can be awarded per research group.

Each research group applying for a grant must include 3 ACENDIO members from at least 3 different countries. Applications must be completed using the form provided by ACENDIO, the length is maximum 450 words. Upon approval of grant funding, the planned research must produce results within two years of the approval date. Furthermore, at that point, the research team is required to submit a report to ACENDIO’s Research Committee demonstrating how the grant was used. This must be undertaken using the prescribed forms and must identify both milestones reached and results.

Any publication pertaining to the study that received grant funding must acknowledge receipt of the ACENDIO Grant. Following review, summary papers/final research reports will be published on ACENDIO’s website by the research committee.

ACENDIO research agenda: Framework for grant applications

  • Multi-centre studies exploring specific research topics on the development, use and evaluation of SNLs and eHealth
  • Implementation of nursing diagnosis, intervention and outcome classifications in different specialty settings (e.g., psychiatric nursing, intensive care units, home health care etc.)
  • Access to patient data, collecting and using big nursing data
  • Exploration of ethical issues (e.g., the common good versus privacy and the individual)
  • The relationship, if any, between using nursing data and quality of care
  • Documentation models, evaluation of standards-implementation (e.g., clinical decision support standard)
  • User-perspectives on eHealth (e.g., competencies, informatics literacy, attitudes)
  • Citizens-user studies, including eHealth-supported aging (e.g., assistive devices, ethical issues, informatics literacy)
  • Education and nursing informatics competencies projects

Deadline for submission February 28th 2022

The applications must be sent to the Chair of the ACENDIO Research Committee Dr. Valentina Zeffiro

Application form for ACENDIO research grants

(all fields are MUST fill out fields, otherwise the application cannot be sent to ACENDIO. The maximum length for applications is 450 words, starting from the research topic).

Guideline for reports 2022

Application Form 2022

Become a member

By becoming a member, ACENDIO will support you by providing:
Conferences, publications and presentations
to advance understanding and work in this area
A network for nurses in different European countries
so that they can share knowledge about developments
Resources such as reference lists and sample methodologies
for developing and evaluating nursing vocabularies
Interpretation of International standards
for terminologies and classifications

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