Position statements in relation to nursing informatics and eHealth

ACENDIO has a total of 260 individual members after the last conference in Valencia 2017, which is very good. We also currently have three organizational members from the Scandinavian countries which we very much appreciate. Thank you for that! The strength of ACENDIO comes from its members and we have members from a variety of European countries and also in some parts from outside Europe, e.g. USA, Japan and Brazil.

The organization  strives to be a stronger voice regarding nursing informatics and ehealth. An example of that is the development of a series of position statements in relation to nursing informatics and eHealth. The position statements so far are:

  1. Supporting and advancing nursing practice through eHealth
  2. Supporting and advancing eHealth
  3. Ensuring appropriate governance for eHealth
  4. Facilitating participation and collaboration
  5. Enhancing nurse and patient education

A relevant paper: Nursing and eHealth: A Mixed Method Study to Identify Outcome Criteria for Clinical Practice

Feel free to use the position statements and the paper in your own practice and communication making the position of ACENDIO visible to members.  


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